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Newest Addition: Rainbow Market!



  • Francisco

    That's something new and I'm excited. I hope you implement more interesting elements like this in the future so we can always have something to look forward to. I'm thankful for this :)

  • tiffaney Herring

    Awesome Idea!!
    Is there a plan to up the RNG drop rate of the blue and golden thumbs up?

  • ralucA

    It is a nice feature but the "currency" used for buying those items is ridiculous. can you ever get so many blue and gold thumbs up? Why cant we use the money collected?

  • Mary Hougaard

    I like the idea of the new mkt. Some players have collected a lot of mitts and different colored vouchers. Have you thought about being able to trade decorations and other items of the chefs choosing, for the item you are featuring. That too would be helpful. Some chefs are still completing bonus purchases and need to save mitts. Thanks for updating game and making some suggestions a part of the game.

  • JoyGrassi

    Since you opened the rainbow market I have lost so much using it. I've paid for thing's like the dragon pieces and parts of wall or hanging wallpaper or picture pieces that I don't even get, even new pieces on the game I see I paid for then they disappeared. I'm very frustrated because I've only had thirty one gold points my whole time on Cafeland and with so much disappearing I'm losing gold and regular points for nothing. I waited to late when I lost a bunch of flooring to Cafeland and this new part of the game was like my last straw that broke the camels back. I've told them about the gold points before and was just ignored. If you pay every money month for a game and keep spending as a customer how can I be ignored, I am.

  • louise

    I think we should be able to buy past event stuff with coins from the rainbow market or green money it would be so much easier


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