Why can't I put more vending machines/counters/stoves in my cafe than I used to?




  • wendy

    I do not like most of the changes the game designers make.  It seems more about greed than better game play.

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  • Ghostly Flower

    I cant put out the new Valentine's vending maching without putting away 7 of my vending machines. I cant put them back. I understand what you're saying but I just had to do a tournament task to refill 34 vending machines and with this "new game play" for "balance and fairness" Im not allowed to have that many out anymore. I dont see how that fair when I cant even complete a task with our waiting over an hour to refill the lowest ones. Im not happy with these changes, it is not fair to make me have less but expect more from me durring a tournament.

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  • Krista Cameron

    Ghostly this is exactly why I came here.  It seems dishonest.  They should have given a pop up that said unable to use, or to have notified us that there were changes that could affect our game play.  And to do it during a tournament is not cool either.  I may finally have to go back to Emily's World. I spend to much money playing this game to be having these issues.

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  • tatieh

    It isnt fair to downgrade it. It make no sence.

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  • Victoria Field

    I hate this, the relentless tasks needing cafe cash too, instead of them being items that cost 50 cafe cash it’s 150 or 300 cc
    So instead of thinking yes ok it’s worth it or not that often, I refuse all now.
    You lose out here not me. 🤷🏼‍♀️

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