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[Revised, must read!] I filled boxes during Catering Challenge but it says "No Contributions". Is this a bug?



  • THE Bitch

    Another update without being told!!! What about all the people in different time zones!!! So you are saying I have to be up out of bed and playing when the truck challenage starts, no matter what time it is? I understand some clubs have people that dont contribute but get the rewards but I for one do contribute and help my team and I think this is total BS!!! 

  • DaleGreeley

    What about those that work night shift. As a Nurse that works nights this is unfair!!  You have had some good changes over the past years this is NOT one of them!! We all start our challenge at different times but in the end we all help to reach the goal. That is why it is called a “TEAM”. Admit you messed up and change it back. 

  • Loreen Kalinowski

    If this was supposed to be a solution to stop people that are not playing from collecting rewards, you definitely missed the mark.  Did you put any thought at all into how it would affect the loyal players?  Huge fail!  Change it back!

  • Page121

    You are discriminating against those of us in different time zones. We do challenges as a team. Some start later than others. this new rule is totally not fair to those of us in the USA. If some one is not pulling their weight our team should decide the consequences not your programmers. You are going to lose players like this!!!!


  • shelley

    This is a horrible update that is not fair to players who are sleeping or working when the tournament starts.

  • Nancy

    This does nothing but hurt players who are asleep or at work when the tournament starts.  I am in the US, and most of my teammates are in Europe.  I logged in this morning to find I had already been frozen out of the first two tiers of the catering challenge.  This is NOT FAIR and it is DISCRIMINATORY.  CHANGE IT BACK.

  • Rupi Kaur

    This is completely unfair and discriminatory as we all are at different time zones. I woke up and started playing the catering challenge and it said no contributions.... like really.... This is nonsense.... you guys are making unnecessary changes every now and then.... this game used to be fun a
    while ago but it is a mere pain these days.... you guys are making everything difficult... what is the point of all this. Such a disappointment!!!!

  • JC

    This is ridiculous! I would have to wake up at 3am to start these challenges! My team is already at the second tier by the time I am awake. How is this even remotely fair, just because I am in a different time zone than many of my teammates.

  • Chia Cafe

    This update has complicated things even more! I think this game's developers are failing majorly on their research before implementing such updates!
    If they don't change it back then for sure many of us will not want to play this game anymore! DISAPPOINTED ! they still haven't done anything for the events despite many of us complaining! They have put a limit on sauces ! And now this ridiculous rule if one hasn't filled boxes they can't claim rewards! Well , not all of us are awake when catering starts!

     why are they taking away the fun out of this game?

  • Lisa

    Epic fail, I am a moderator and do over 250 plus boxes in these challenges.  So not in the first 50, are you kidding me!!!Also I was next to be named club leader , and it skipped me and went back to a moderator who hasn't played in months .

  • Carrie

    This is unfair! We can't all be online playing at the same time in order to claim the rewards. I literally can only play when my son is taking his naps or asleep for the night... It helps me to feel relaxed but now I'm going to be worked up about filling the required amount of boxes or else I'll miss out.
    Hmm...doesn't sound like fun and relaxing to me.
    They need to rethink this update.

  • michelle casson

    I am a lead for a team. My team Works with a capital W every challenge. We have NO slackers. But we do have people all over the world on our team. We have all time zones. The way our team works is those up first at 2-3 am start. They work until those of us in the USA get up and we do up till the end with others going to bed or getting up later that day. WE ALL HELP. BUT we also have players who cannot get on due to working or having 6 kids or illness. The rest of us do a bit more to take up their share. Everyone gets rewarded because Truck Challenge is a TEAM challenge and we are first and foremost a TEAM. We don't complain if someone get 150 boxes while someone else get 30. We all help. Right now my team is FURIOUS. FIX THIS.


  • Carmen Fletes

    Creo que se equivocaron enormemente con esa actualización por ejemplo en el grupo que estoy habemos personas de varios países y no todos podemos jugar a la misma hora tenemos gente de España, Venezuela, Nicaragua los horarios no son los mismos, unos juegan por la mañana otros por la noche cuando salen del trabajo o de la escuela, eso quiere decir que esas personas nunca van agarrar un premio, que va a pasar muchos dejarán de jugar al aburrirse.

    Oh es que la idea es desvelarse para entretenerse, no me parece, yo pienso que la idea del juego es entretenerse quitarse el estrés.

    Deberían de reparar ese error, pero repararlo de verdad y no dejarnos esperando como lo de los eventos ese fue otro error el que no podamos comprar lo que querramos.

  • crysta marie

    I think is unfair. As member we try our best. Many of us work, I used to work all day basically, so I played when I arrived home. Normally  the catering milestone started ... So I never going to get any rewards.

    I suggested to give rewards based on how much boxes you filled. Just an example ( x rewards means $, cards, potions, etc)

    0-10 boxes x rewards 

    11- 40x rewards 

    41 - 60 boxes  x rewards

    61- 100 boxes x rewards

    If anyone have any other suggestions please comment. I think Brenda idea is better than mine to split the boxes such as 333 boxes filled for 1st reward, 333 boxes filled for 2nd reward then 334 = last reward. So everyone can have opportunity to help. 

  • heather

    I also filled my boxes before the 1st challenge and never got my prize this new update is hurting everyone all around the world they need to go back to what it was this is not better it is worst

  • Brenda

    My idea is for each reward to split the boxes such as 333 boxes filled for 1st reward

    333 boxes filled for 2nd reward then 334 = last reward

    Because that gives everybody from different time zones to play. 

    If you Can't do that then change it back because most clubs have members from different

    time zones.



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