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The Ultimate Guide to Using Multiple Accounts



  • Ezralyyn

    Only work with facebook acc? How about google acc? I connect my cafe with fb and google. Does this means i have only 1 cafe since i used both fb and google acc to link to my cafe.

  • It's G

    Hi I also use google for my 2nd account for ease in identifying what account I want to switch to. I use facebook for my main account and google for the 2nd one.

  • Bambi Bunny

    Cual es el botón interruptor??

  • Johnetta

    I lost my cafe this morning ,is there any way to retrieve it back ? I have sent to gameo concerning this matter ? I’m still waiting for a response to my request.

  • DavidCook

    How do you delete a game if you have it on two devices?

  • Kevelyn Ferreira

    Como recupero meu café de volta? Aqui fala que foi excluído permanentemente do meu dispositivo mas não consigo acessar em outro lugar, HELP!!!


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