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  • Viviene campbell

    Hi am viviene am not new am at level 77

  • Márcia&Leco Amor

    https://www.facebook.com/Aicram41....Bom dia, estou no nível 196....podem me adicionar.

  • VickyMiller

    Come join our club Global Cafe Stars. We want players that seriously want to win the tournaments!!!

  • LindaGordon

    I'm interested in joining a club. The first one I joined kicked me out. I was told I couldn't participate in the challenge because it had already started. Dont they know this? Now what do the numbers mean next to the name of the club?

  • donna

    Join my club, new club, needs awesome people, search In It To Win It. Very helpful and very talkative!!!!

  • Linda Simmons

    I've been playing since last June. Witch of Lime Str or just Lime Street. I'm in a club called Goddess Kitchen. Usually full, but solid players, if anyone cares to join. Must play tournaments and catering for club gains =)

  • Larissa H

    We just started a club Lovely Chefs. Daily active players needed!!

  • VickyMiller

    Global Stars Cafe is my club. We have a great group but playing tournaments is required. You can't get rewards if you start in the middle of a tournament but your points count. You'd have to wait for next tournament to get rewards.

  • LindaGordon

    Hi VickyMiller, what League are you in? I was in League 2, but have slipped to League 3. Not everyone is helping.

  • VickyMiller

    Currently league 1. But we are slipping. I need some active players cause I'm in process of kicking the ones that have not been playing as much. I take tournaments seriously. We have a 7000 point minium and some have stopped reaching it. If interested please join us.

  • LindaGordon

    Ok. I haven't quite made it to 7000 points but if have some tips I could use them.

  • Teresa

    Linda Gorden come join us Competitive Chefs we would love to have u

  • Vicki Page

    We will help you get points, Linda.  Come check out Competitive Chefs, like Teresa said.  Think you will be happy there.

  • Ele J

    6th Dimension Club looking for active players to join us. We will help you to complete task in the shortest amount of time possible.

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