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  • Lynnette Cartwright

    Lately when I try to update I click yes and it just takes me to a page that says play. I close out and go back to update several times be fore it shows update button

  • Chia Cafe

    There is a new update today! I wonder what it is about too scared to try it after the last week's update! Totally hate they increased number of dishes to fill catering boxes! Takes two rounds of cooking, more time and is feeling like a 24hrs job now! This is supposed to be a game that people can play daily for few hours! As we all have our lives beyond this game!

    God know what is wrong with developers. Every update is making this game less fun!

  • Anne Kathleen

    This new update sucks! Yesterday it cost 12 cash to host a 30-minute celebrity immediately. Today it costs 38 cash! That’s over THREE TIMES what it cost yesterday! Imagine if real world prices went up like that! Two thumbs down. They’re taking all the FUN out of the game….

  • Chia Cafe

    This is TERRIBLE! What's wrong with these people to make such terrible changes! This game was fine last year till March after which it kept getting worse. If not for my friends I would have left this game. Also if I find another option where I can play as a team then I will leave this game immediately and play another one!! Enough is enough !

  • Gabrielle

    Aww agreed I am fed up with the newest update. My anxiety levels have gone up. As has my stress. This was my favorite game to play. But now I am just ready to delete it. 

  • Kelly Cline

    Your updates suck!!! I love this game! Have 2 cafes, level 177 and 250. Now expansions needs have gotten ridiculously crazy! On my 250 level cafe I need 250,000,000 coins and 500 expansion cards!! Never, never has it been this bad! Wholesale sauces to sell a dish have gone from 1 for each dish to now varies to over 30 for some! Magic sauces used to be kind of hard to get, then got easier making tournaments more fun, now to barely getting any at all! Cost to speed up celebrities has doubled and tripled! The amount of time for dishes and quantities on trucks has gone up! I always used cash to help myself when needed. Now I can't afford to do it anymore. Instead of going in and enjoying my game, I now find myself frustrated! Yous have taken the fun out of a great game! What's wrong with you people?! I am extremely disappointed!! I am seriously thinking about quitting both cafes : (

  • Dkebabe

    Seriously getting frustrated with the ongoing changes they keep making to this game, from not being able to pick your own prize on the events to the recent changes of hosting a celebrity costing way too much, and not having the cafeland cash in the parties it’s becoming ridiculous and frustrating I’m close to giving up… if it wasn’t for my team I would of… I give Gamegos a week to sort it out then I will leave before the next tournament.

  • Romina

    Toda la razón, no me gusto para nada ma nueva actualización hacen mas difícil jugar y asi solo conseguirán que se les vayan sus usuarios del juego, lastima cafeland fuiste un buen juego en su momento

  • Andy

    ANDREWS Guild leader for All Stars.

    The update is a total disgrace. 5 long term high level members quit the game in less that a week. 

    What the hell were they thinking.... oh right it must have been... let's try to screw over our players.  If you want us to spend money make some good items to buy for our cafes,  maybe like an auto bubble popping item for example! Come on developers,  think a little harder, don't just punish your committed players 


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